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Your Passion. Your Voice.

Authentic Marketing
Skills for Therapists

Marketing doesn't have to sound "sleazy." It should sound like YOU.

You Promised

TIME BLOCKING: the solution to the exhausting "to-do" list.

Clarity Builds

Your Passion + Plans = Profit$

Private practice is a lot more than "just doing therapy."

Your rocked grad school and your clinical skills are on point.

But what did they teach you in grad school about growing a private practice? NOTHING. Please stop wasting energy on blaming yourself for "not doing it right/fast enough/good enough, not being good at marketing" or not being able to will your practice into growth! It's not about's about SKILLPOWER!!

Get the tools. Achieve the RESULTS.

You Feel:

Burned-out. Overwhelmed. Stuck.

You love helping your clients but honestly, it can be really depleting. You have big hopes for your practice but feel stuck, overwhelmed or just plan discouraged when you think of networking, marketing & goals (crucial parts of a thriving private practice, as you know). You wonder what you're missing? You say "I'll do it later," feel like you're going in circles or even worse, you feel like an imposter.

You Want:

Clarity. Direction. Confidence.

You crave structure...keep thinking if you could prioritize the right things, you could grow your private practice in a way that feels true to you, your values & the reason you became a therapist in the first place. You have an idea of what you "need" to do, you're just not sure where to start (or maybe even avoiding certain things all together). Maybe the inner perfectionist keeps you from doing things out of fear it's not "right."

You need:

Direction. Focus. RESULTS.

It's NOT a failure of setting need a process to make them happen. You deserve one that gives you the best prompts at regular intervals so you can keep growing your private practice (without all the overthinking and spinning in circles)!! Goals are results - to get them, you need a clear framework outlining the actions to take! *THIS* is where The Primed Practice's tools and authentic marketing training come in!

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Get focused, strategic AND build your action plan to grow your private practice.
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"A goal without a plan is just a wish." 

Even the most motivated clinicians can feel overwhelmed by all the things required to grow and sustain a private practice. GREAT NEWS...The Primed Planner™️ is THE only planner that provides a framework that helps keep you organized, focused and moving forward in an authentic & intentional way!

Your passion. Your voice

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Authentic Marketing Skills for Therapists.

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“The Primed Planner is an AH-HA tool for ‘helping professionals’! From client scheduling to prompts for essential self-care, this planner packs an excellent array of organizing and beautifully merges professional practice management with professional goal setting. I highly recommend it!”

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

"I just wanted to shout out and repeat thanks for the excellent customer service, and even better is your product! I love you planner, pages are high quality, heavy enough to make changes several times without bleeding thru! I will be back for another next year, no doubt!"

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

“I'm very picky about planners and love this one. I like that the day is broken out by hours, that there's a place to mark my top priorities for the week, that it helps me remember to take a moment to focus on gratitude every week, etc. It's just exceptionally well done. I run two businesses and homeschool so I keep a little on the busy side-having somewhere that I can both include the details of my schedule and keep an eye on the "big picture" is important.”

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Plan it. Define it.


With The Primed Planner™️ you have a proven framework that provides you structure & focus so you can grow your private practice with confidence.

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Hi, I'm Michelle!

Therapist, private practice owner with an MBA, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, planner aficionado & lover of marketing!

My superpower is creating tools that provide you frameworks for accomplishing your goals and building effective, authentic marketing so you don't have to reinvent the wheel as you grow your private practice! With that, you can confidently turn your passion for helping people into actionable plans that will grow your private practice & your profit$ too!!

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