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There are so many facets to private practice but grad school only covered "so much."

On this blog, I'll probably talk about all those "other things" since my MBA-brain loves all those gaps grad school created for you. So let's talk about how to grow your private practice (while taking great care of yourself too)! More joy, less burn-out.

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Where do the best referrals come from!? Take a listen and find out...Want a hint: it's often sources hiding in plain sight!! Knowing where your dream client goes BEFORE they seek out a therapist is the secret sauce to building a robust referral network that will fill your practice.  In this snippet, I give a lil' tip to get you started.  Want to dig in deeper, I want to personally invite you to check the E-Course: "Your Referral Network Hiding in Plain Sight." Come on over, you won't be disappointed. :) 




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