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Specifically designed for growing your private practice (with less imposter syndrome).
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Good marketing skills are only half of the equation for effective, authentic marketing. MINDSET is the other key variable.

If your mindset conflicts with how you see yourself then you will struggle putting your plans into action. And that, my friend, is why The Primed Practice's approach to curating your marketing action plan is different. Based on your values, your vision & your voice you are sure to be aligned after completing these courses!


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    Michelle's expertise in counseling AND business along with diverse clinical training, give her a unique and needed perspective. She does an excellent job of combining her knowledge with practical applications to allow the audience to not only learn, but to connect to the material.

    Social Worker

    Michelle's courses are informed, practical, and immediately applicable to help me get my practice on a track that is unique to my needs and desires. Her unique experience & expertise cuts through a lot of jargon and noise to help me identify exactly what I need, for where I am, and where I want to go. So worth the investment!

    Licensed Therapist & Practice Owner

    Very engaging and informative on how to move forward an authentic private practice. Thank you bunches!

    Licensed Therapist & Practice Owner

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    But maybe you're still feeling unsure if now is the time to invest in yourself (and your marketing). Sometimes it's the LAST thing you want do...(even when it's actually time to do just that). It can be all too easy be too busy, too tired, too stuck or too overwhelmed to even think about Marketing - ESPECIALLY when you may not love this facet of private practice (or avoid all together).

    Answers to the "most frequent conversations" I have on this very topic with you right here ⬇️

    Authentic marketing is actually a simple approach...Show-up as who you really are. This means (1) be willing to communicate freely & clearly why you are the right person to help the people who need you, and (2) get laser focused on how & where to connect the people you love helping most. The problem is, many times therapists get all "up in their head" about marketing. That's where I come in, as Certified Daring Way Facilitator, clinician & practice owner with an MBA in strategic management, I'll help you find your voice AND show you how to create an action plan to fill your practice with your dream clients! You'll be building confidence & your marketing skills at the same time!

    Here's the better question - is your practice filled with your dream clients? If the answer is NO, then *THAT* is the answer to why you should work on your marketing right now. Unless you've already figured out the formula for finding, reaching and connecting with your ideal clients to the extent that your practice is FULL of them, then there is more "refining" work to do. Maybe it's creating more authentic messaging that makes your dream clients "feel" something when the find you. Perhaps it's working on awareness to clear out a roadblock to "doing" marketing. Is there a fundamental understanding of marketing that would help give you clarity & CONFIDENCE when "putting yourself out there?"

    You've worked so hard to get here. You deserve to be working with THE DREAM CLIENTS you are so passionate about helping.

    Great question and I am SO glad you asked!! This means you are serious about honing your marketing skills!!

    If you have questions along the way, in any of my e-courses, you are absolutely welcome to send me email for clarification, guidance or input! Honestly, I ❣️LOVE❣️marketing and could talk about it all day (don't worry, I won't) point is I am passionate about helping you not only get comfortable with marketing but truly creating a marketing strategy and action plan you actually feel excited and confident about!!

    if not now, when?
    Get PRIMED!

    When you're PRIMED you're ready for ACTION (and less stalled-out by perfectionism, overwhelm and the like)!

    Get intentional about increasing your SKILLPOWER and stop beating up on yourself for not willing your private practice into growth. You've got the clinical skills. You deserve to get the marketing and business planning skills too. ✨

    Not sure which E-Course is the best for you? Drop me a note and let me know - I'm more than happy to help!