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Success is a result of many, small actions...

Every planner & tool has been created to be a framework that supports growing your private practice by providing you the right prompts in an effective & engaging way so you achieve your private practice goals.

You don't lack motivation, you need clarity.

✨ New for 2022!! ✨
Disc Punched Pages

Flexibility if FABULOUS! So thrilled to offer you another option for The Primed Planner™️ (but of course the same fantastic framework)!!! This version offers disc punched pages so you can arrange your planner in a way that best suits YOU! Carry less pages, add your own pages & make it your own. If you want this format, act FAST as the quantity is extremely limited!!

Come take a closer look inside The Primed Planner™️ with me!!



Join me as I chat with Alison Pidgeon of Grow a Group Practice podcast about setting goals. Get practical ideas and guidance on how you can set your goals in an effective and authentic way to grow your private practice!

PS: This podcast is for all clinicians and practice owners (not just group practices)!! 😉

What your therapist friends are saying...💕


I started my practice summer 2020 this planner is definitely worth the investment!

Private Practice Owner & Clinician

I am so "type-A" and live for organization so knowing that all aspects of this planner will meet my needs is awesome. It is very difficult to find a good planner. VERY! Thank you so much for your help.

Practice Owner

The Primed Planner helps me to keep my professional goals and self care in the forefront of my mind. It is an amazing planner for therapists!

Practice Owner & Clinician

unboxing video 🎥

Disc Punched VIEWING!

Come along with me as I unbox the DISC PUNCHED edition of The Primed Planner™️...I want to personally show you how this awesome, flexible binding works!!

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Frequently Asked Questions from Fellow Planner L💗vers...

I'm so glad you asked!! As a planner aficionado, I KNOW how important the kind of paper is in your planner!! Heavy, luxurious paper that is durable and a dream to write on (that does NOT bleed, even with my personal fav Flair pens) is the only way to go!! That said, the 2022 edition uses 80# paper that has a special smooth texture but receives both pen and pencil in a beautiful way. You're gonna love it!

Oooh, I cannot wait to say YES to this question!! For now ,The Primed Planner™️ comes in 8.5"x 11" (US standard "letter" size). That said, please be sure to subscribe to my newsletter as I anticipate offering additional sizes in the near future and I want YOU to be the first to know, my friend!!

Yes indeed! The stickers are removable; however, I always use an abundance of caution when removing and replacing any sticker.

⭐️ Pro tip for you: Place the stickers you want to use on wax paper prior to placement in your planner. It helps in the event you need to remove a sticker but still allows for good adhesion when placed on your pages!

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