The PREMIER Framework to Support YOUR Goals!

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish.”~ Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022
The Primed Planner™ 2022

The Primed Planner™ 2022

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Tired of feeling overwhelmed or stuck in your private practice? The marketing, the networking, the business planning…. all while trying to take care of yourself. It’s a lot.

Private practice is a lot more than therapy.

Even the most motivated clinicians can feel overwhelmed by all the things required to keep a practice up and running.

Being PRIMED increases your PROFIT$!

Annual Roadmap – Set yourself up for success at the beginning of the year:

  • Outline you inspiration, vision & core values
  • Own your skills, gifts & talents to get PRIMED for the year!
  • Define what you want to achieve in the business of your practice!
  • Identify your milestones and get proactive about roadblocks

Quarterly Curiosities – Check in on your progress as you go

Monthly Business Planning – Stay engaged with your goals and vision each month:

  • Stay aligned with your values
  • Mindset check-in & self-care
  • Track expenses & financial goals
  • Track continuing education
  • Actionize your goals

Monthly 2-page Spread – Made with sturdy card stock and including tabs for easy navigating through the year

NEW for 2022 Laminated monthly tabs will protect all year long!

Monthly Musings Page  – A “blank slate” for all of your ideas, lists and doodles

Weekly 2-page Layout – Keep your schedule organized and move toward your goals:

  • ID & take action on the week's priority task
  • "To-do" list with status
  • Follow-up section for calls, networking and self-care
  • "Reach out to" for coordinating care & growing your network
  • Don't forget your gratitude list!

Notes Section – For ideas and creative bursts you have along the way

Interior Double-Sided Pockets - To capture your other important papers

This is the premier planner for therapists!

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Success is Intentional.

You didn't become the amazing therapist you are today by accident, so don't grow your private practice by trial and error!✨

The engaging, effective framework that The Primed Planner™️ offers will help you grow your private practice aligned with your values.

🎯 Get Intentional.

🎯 Get the Framework.


Unparalleled Quality!

✨ Wonderfully smooth, heavy weight paper: won't bleed through!

✨ Durable card stock with colorful laminated tabs every month will help you flip to exactly the right month (or notes section) as needed. 

✨ Delight in a new color palette every month!

Encouraging quotes every month and each week to keep you inspired.

✨ Consistent self-care planning & check-ins to ensure you stay motivated & energized!

Spacious 8.5” x 11” pages to capture, plan and implement all of your dreams!

✨ Beautiful gold, metal wire-o binding.

✨ Made in the U.S.A.

🎥 Come take a look inside...

Therapist & Helping Professionals are lovin' it 💖...


"I’ve regained control of my chaos! I’m moving and coordinating between 3 locations=LIFESAVER. Ohhhh I love it!"


The Primed Planner helps me to keep my professional goals and self care in the forefront of my mind. It is an amazing planner for therapists!

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I am so type-A and LIVE for organization. This planner meets my needs...and it is very difficult to find a good planner. VERY! Thank you so much!!


Frequently Asked Questions from Fellow Planner L💗vers...

I'm so glad you asked!! As a planner aficionado, I KNOW how important the kind of paper is in your planner!! Heavy, luxurious paper that is durable and a dream to write on (that does NOT bleed, even with my personal fav Flair pens) is the only way to go!! That said, the 2022 edition uses 80# paper that has a special smooth texture but receives both pen and pencil in a beautiful way. You're gonna love it!

Oooh, I cannot wait to say YES to this question!! For now ,The Primed Planner™️ comes in 8.5"x 11" (US standard "letter" size). That said, please be sure to subscribe to my newsletter as I anticipate offering additional sizes in the near future and I want YOU to be the first to know, my friend!!

Yes indeed! The stickers are removable; however, I always use an abundance of caution when removing and replacing any sticker.

⭐️ Pro tip for you: Place the stickers you want to use on wax paper prior to placement in your planner. It helps in the event you need to remove a sticker but still allows for good adhesion when placed on your pages!

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