Social Media Stickers
Social Media Stickers
Social Media Stickers

Social Media Stickers

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Part of growing & sustaining your private practice is "showing-up" so your peeps can find you!!  Whether you use these as colorful reminders or if you choose to use them for time blocking your schedule - these FUNctional stickers will help keep you visible for those who need your services!!  "Blog Day," "Write Newsletter" and "Social Media" are included on this sticker sheet:

  • This includes one sheet of stickers containing a total of 100 stickers
    • 30 "Blog Day" stickers 
    • 35 "Write Newsletter" stickers
    • 35 "Social Media" stickers
  • Measurements are: 1.5" wide by 0.5" long 
    • Each sticker covers approximately a 1-hour time block in The Primed Planner™️
    • Designed to fit your copy of The Primed Planner™️ perfectly!!
  • Stickers are removable/repositionable. 

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