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I'm Michelle!

✨ Fancy meeting you here!

Founder of The Primed Practice & Creator of The Primed Planner™️

...I'm a licensed therapist, practice owner, Certified Daring Way Facilitator with an MBA who loves marketing and is obsessed with creating fantastic, functional & fun productivity tools so you can focus on growing your private practice!

Getting to today

I was burned out living the "corporate America" life (maybe it's agency life for you). See, I spent the first 15+ years of my professional career using my MBA in Human Resources leadership. I worked with everyone from executives to frontline managers AND employees to create plans & identify actionable steps to achieve goals. I created ways to identify what was "working" and what "wasn't," then facilitated the necessary change to get growing again. But it wasn't working for ME. I was single (read: felt alone), overwhelmed and telling myself I could never make *THIS* kind of change "right now."

⏩ in 2010, after the loss of my dad, I was inspired to go back to school and do what I always dreamed of - counsel people in the context of their whole life not just their career life. BUT it took a LOT of mindset work to "take the leap" and I DID IT!

As I started my private practice (not even fully licensed yet), I discovered my affinity for growing a private practice & my mindset shifted to entrepreneurialism (I guess that MBA and biz experience came in handy)!!  Colleagues kept asking me: "how are you filling your schedule with your dream clients so fast?" And "how are you making your private practice thrive WHILE still having a life!?" I knew then I HAD to share my unique perspective and skill-combo (that biz-building-stuff grad school left out) with YOU!

NOW, I ❤️ creating productivity tools & training...

I get to share my private practice expertise, planning proficiency and marketing savvy with YOU for a winning framework to grow your private practice, hone your AUTHENTIC marketing skills ALL while staying organized, focused & productive on what will truly take you from stuck and overwhelmed to SKILLFUL, INTENTIONAL SUCCESS!

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Thank you Michelle, for honoring your calling and helping me to honor mine. In the words of Penny from the movie Hairspray…”I’m very pleased and scared to be here.”

Licensed Professional Counselor

Michelle really knows what she is doing and how to help others define and realize their own personal goals. I value Michelle as a expert counselor, supervisor, and consultant. I am happy to continue to have Michelle in my life as she brings joy, living with gratitude, zest, and community.


I wanted to tell you how much I NEEDED the [newsletter] email about what to do when feeling stuck! I actually took a screenshot of it and saved it to my desktop and labeled it OPEN WHEN FEELING STUCK. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this reminder.

LPCC, IFS Therapist

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