ANNUAL/QUARTERLY: Undated, PDF Planning Pages
ANNUAL/QUARTERLY: Undated, PDF Planning Pages
ANNUAL/QUARTERLY: Undated, PDF Planning Pages
ANNUAL/QUARTERLY: Undated, PDF Planning Pages

ANNUAL/QUARTERLY: Undated, PDF Planning Pages

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These undated, printable downloads are a fantastic way to get and stay PRIMED! Print as you need and keep your momentum going. Manage all your important tasks, appointments, self-care AND business-care from these layouts.

These nine (9) colorful pages are sure to keep you PRIMED and on-track in planning your year and months ahead!! Be sure to see the sample pages included below (of course your downloadable file will NOT have The Primed Practice logo watermark on them)!!

Create your Annual Roadmap and set yourself up to flourish!! Print at your own pace, as needed and plan accordingly. In this printable download pack you will receive instruction pages on how to use the Annual Roadmap and Quarterly Curiosities planning layouts as well as:

  • Three (3) page “Annual Roadmap” layout - invest some energy in your year ahead!!

    • What inspires you?

    • Life Compass: Core values

    • What energizes or depletes you?

    • Write your statements about what your future self will be exclaiming regarding your biggest/best three accomplishments for the year!

    • Set goals for various components of your business and personal life:

      • Vision for your business

      • Marketing for your business

      • Operational improvements

      • Finances - business and personal

      • Home and personal life goals

      • Connections to grow and enrich

    • What are your unique gifts, talents and skills that will help you shine this year?

    • Milestones:

      • Quarterly goals

        • Personal

        • Professional

      • What do you do when you feel stuck?

      • What holds you back in moving forward in your goals?

      • You’ll know you achieve your goals because -

        • You’ll feel….

        • You’ll see…

        • You’ll experience…

  • Four (4) Quarterly Curiosity pages, color coded to your Annual Roadmap, to check-in on your progress quarterly:

    • Most exciting moments personally and professionally

    • Proudest accomplishments

    • Challenges faced

    • Opportunities created

    • Goal and project check-in

      • Most courageous moments

      • What’s in your way?

      • Honored core values by…

    • Quarterly Overall Goal check-in

  • Pages are formatted for standard letter size paper, 8.5”x11”.

NOTE: This is a digital download. A PDF file will be sent you which will you download and print yourself.

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