Marketing Mojo - How to get out of your own way!
Marketing Mojo - How to get out of your own way!
Marketing Mojo - How to get out of your own way!

Marketing Mojo - How to get out of your own way!

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Grad school skipped marketing, we know that...

So it’s no shock that it’s usually not a topic/task that you're excited about as a clinician. But YOU are an awesome've come this far! You've already figured out, as a business owner, without marketing the people you want to help don't know you exist!!

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELL YOURSELF. But you DO need to be willingready & able to communicate clearly about why YOU are the best person to bring relief to your ideal clients. Come learn what marketing is really all about and start building your DREAM CASE LOAD today.

In this on-demand video course, we are going to:

➡️ Get SUPER specific on knowing who you want to work with and HOW & WHERE to connect with them

➡️ Fill in some "marketing knowledge gaps" for you to build confidence…AND

➡️ We are going to re-imagine what “marketing” means for your unique will create a marketing plan in real-time as you go!

Here's how you will make it happen with this course:

⭐️ Three POWER-PACKED workbooks (one for each module) so you will begin to re-imagine your marketing mojo in REAL TIME as you progress through the course.

⭐️ You will build your MARKETING ACTION PLAN on top of your awareness and knowledge in a step-by-step framework that creates an AUTHENTIC marketing approach for your unique private practice!! Plus, you'll have these fantastic resources to refer back as you continue to plan & implement your new approaches.

⭐️ Gain a new confidence and refreshed energy in marketing, as you learn to leverage your strengths, core values and new mindset in your marketing efforts.

learn it. live it.
Create Clarity & CONFIDENCE

When you're communicating what you have to offer based on your “WHY” (that passion that brought you into this field in the first place) your marketing messages feel GREAT to SHARE!

Add in your core values (plus some fantastic marketing fundamentals) and you will look forward to spreading the word to grow your private practice!

✨ Shed light on all those limiting things you tell yourself (and mute them)!

✨ Create momentum - build your practice aligned with YOUR values - authentically!

✨ Learn the difference between sales and marketing (they are NOT the same thing)!

✨ Increase your fundamental knowledge of the marketing basics (the four main “P’s” of marketing: product, place, price and promotion).

✨ Create your action plan, in real time, as you complete this on-demand training!

💕 What your colleagues are saying...


100% of students said they could IMMEDIATELY apply what they learned in this course to their private practice marketing efforts!

No More Wasted Energy!

You are so awesome! Thank you for the quick reply and the video tutorial. I just finished module 1 videos and I am working on the homework now...very powerful. Just what I need. Thank you!!!!

Licensed Therapist, Practice Owner

Thank you so much for this great work - TWO WINS this week! I feel so grateful to have found you!

Licensed Social Worker, Group Practice Owner

A lil' message from Michelle for you...

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