"Minding My Mindset" PDF Playbook
"Minding My Mindset" PDF Playbook

"Minding My Mindset" PDF Playbook

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“Minding My Mindset” - PDF Playbook

Feeling a little stuck or a bit overwhelmed and not sure what to do about it? Tired of being in this spot but not quite ready for coaching? Prefer to have a tool you can 'work on your own’ first? THIS, my friend, is exactly why this Playbook was created for YOU!

In the spirit of getting unstuck and shedding overwhelm, this Playbook was designed to give you that lil’ boost to help you get energized and going again!

Whether you find yourself going round-and-round in scarcity mentality, stuck in a fearful cycle or simply unsure of what the next step could be for you in YOUR private practice journey…this is the tool for you!!

The “Minding My Mindset” Playbook is a PDF you can work through at your own pace. With ten (10) full pages of thoughtful and engaging prompts to get your wheels turning, you’re sure to get your mindset re-aligned!! Sometimes, to get “going” again, we need to pause, reflect on where we’ve been, remember why we started in the first place and figure out what’s stopping us!! Mind your mindset and get back in action!! 💕

Topics Touched On:

  • Current mindset/roadblocks

  • Scarcity v. Abundance

  • Fear & Comparison

  • Internal Narrative

  • Self-Care

  • Giving Yourself Credit

  • Creating Action Steps

NOTE: This is a digital download. A PDF file will be sent you which will you download and print yourself.

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