The Mighty 90: Focused, 90-Minute Strategy Session

The Mighty 90: Focused, 90-Minute Strategy Session

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Need a power-packed 90 minutes to strategize on a specific part of BUSINESS for your practice?? This intensive 90 minutes is a great way to get yourself focused on next steps and create an action plan!!

This could be a super fit for you if you’re:

  • Interested in getting more clients

  • Improving your marketing

  • Growing your referral network

  • Creating a niche for yourself

  • Creating or clarifying your branding

  • Going in or out-of-network

  • AND MORE!!!

During our time together, we’ll drill into your chosen topic and create direction and actionable next steps so you can get back to your “why”…your passion…helping the people who need you!

NOTE: Once you’ve purchased your Mighty-90 session(s), you will receive an Order Confirmation via email. Be on the look out for this, as links to your next steps (booking your session and a preliminary prep questionnaire) will be enclosed!!

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